Andrea Cheung strives to translate intangible ideas and emotions into accessible visual languages. She imbues her illustrations with considerations of philsophy, history, and personal experiences, as well as her deep love for travelling, food, and music. Her style is distinguished by controlled looseness, rich colour palettes, and her meticulous atention to rendering detail and textures. She enjoys studying the techniques and compositions of classical master painters and sculptors, which show through her illustrations. Her peers and training in the illustration program at Dawson College opened her eyes to more contemporary styles and conceptual design.
Andrea's portfolio will demonstrate her dedication to developing an effective and aesthetic visual language. She experiments with a wide variety of subjects, styles, and mediums. A prominent feature of her work is her thorough exploration of colour, especially while travel sketching. She is fascinated with how the human brain translates light and form into recognizable subjects, as well as subjective emotional narratives. She hopes her work can bond people across time and psace, by helping us recognize our innate yearning for empathy and copassion. For the moment, she is excited to see where art will take her. She plans to travel as extensively as possible, to visually translate all the inspiring, tranquil, and scintillating experiences for those who cannot see the world for themselves.
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